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Your local, trusted oil change and vehicle maintenance provider in Langley, BC.

Great Canadian Oil Change in Walnut Grove

Oil Change Walnut Grove at the Great Canadian Oil Change

Great Canadian Oil Change in Walnut Grove is a drive-thru oil change facility (in only 10 minutes) that has developed its reputation on the basis of price leadership and quality service.

We are known for our thorough and constant high quality service, using only new vehicle warranty approved products.  By visiting our facility, you will receive consistently friendly, polite and competent experience. Price leadership does not mean that service is compromised.

Over the years, our services have come to include all fluids that require maintenance in your vehicle. We look after radiator anti-freeze, (flush and change), transmission (flush and change) differential and transfer case fluids, brake fluid, power steering fluid and washer fluids. Other products and services available are wiper blades, headlights, air, fuel and cabin filters, serpentine belts as well as a complete line of oil additives. Oil products are sold from our new vehicle warranty approved basic Valvoline line of high performance and synthetic oils, with a complementary offering of other brands of oil. All used oil and filters are recycled, by licensed recycling companies. Contact us to learn more.