Where Does Old Oil Go?

Old motor oil is some pretty foul stuff. It’s filthy, slimy, and worst of all, grimy grease can wreak havoc on the environment if it makes its way to the soil and water supply. At Great Canadian Oil Change in Langley, we take environmental concerns just as serious as our valued customers. That’s why we thought you might like to know where your old motor oil goes after it has been replaced. Read on to learn what happens to used motor oil when you bring your vehicle into our shop. 

Why you should get rid of used oil responsibly

Whether you are an oil change do-it-yourselfer or you let the pros handle it, it is vital that the old oil is recycled or disposed of properly. Over time, motor oil collects a host of harmful pollutants, including lead, cadmium, chromium, and dioxins. If the used motor oil is not disposed of properly, contaminants can leach into the soil and waterways, affecting plants, animals, fish, and humans. 

How is old oil recycled?Recycling oil in BC

Did you know that used oil never wears out? Motor oil just gets dirty, meaning it can be cleaned and reused, saving valuable resources and lowering the environmental impact. The cleaning process involves the removal of water, debris, and additives, turning used oil into high-quality lubricant.  

What happens to used motor oil that has been recycled?

Once the contaminants are removed, old motor oil can be re-refined and turned into new lubricant. It is also be used for a variety of heating applications as well as be processed into fuel oils. Even the scrap metals recovered from used oil filters can be recycled. Recycling old oil can go a long way to minimizing the damage to the environment. 

Where can I take used motor oil?

When it comes to responsibly getting rid of your old oil, choose a location that participates in the BC Used Oil Recycling program. You can bring it to a wide range of depots across the province, from garages and dealerships to retailers and oil change facilities. Just make sure to contact them first to ensure they can handle the amount of oil you plan to drop off. 

Old oil is extremely toxic stuff. Why toss it away with the rest of the household trash if you don’t have to? If you want to get rid of your old motor oil, do it the right way. The environment, your neighbourhood, and your conscience will thank you. 

At Great Canadian Oil Change, we take great pride in our eco-friendly practices. We ensure all the used oil from our oil changes gets properly recycled, helping to protect the community and minimize the impact on the environment. 


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What happens if I don’t get an oil change?

Getting an oil change

You lead a busy life. Hectic schedules can eat up time, causing you to neglect oil changes. But if you skip them for too long, you can be making things tough on your engine—and possibly on your wallet. Our team at Great Canadian Oil Change in Langley wants to make sure your vehicle runs smoothly for years to come. Wondering what happens if you don’t get an oil change? Read on to find out! 

Drivin’ dirty

Motor oil gets dirty—that’s a given. As lubricant cycles through the engine, it collects dirt and debris that turns into a thick, dark, sludgy mess. Over time, the moving parts of your engine need to work harder to fight through grimy slop, impacting your vehicle’s performance. 

If you want to keep your car clean and in prime condition, the pros at Great Canadian Oil Change have the right products and knowhow for a sludge-free engine. 

Hot times on the horizon

Fresh, clean oil keeps your engine cool and running smoothly. Without oil, your engine will overheat—and that is when things can get ugly. Improperly lubricated engine parts can heat up quickly, resulting in faster wear and tear and even warping. 

Can’t remember the last time you had an oil change? Drop by Great Canadian Oil Change.  

Bye-bye, warranty

You have spent a lot of money purchasing that new car. Thank goodness you have a warranty in case something goes wrong, right? Well, if you fail to regularly top up your ride with oil according to factory specifications, you can kiss that guarantee goodbye. 

Don’t run the risk of a null and void warranty. Our oil technicians at Great Canadian Oil Change in Langley will keep your car humming along—and its warranty intact too.

The proud owner of a dead engine

Oil is the lifeblood of any engine. Drive long enough without lubricant, and you could wind up with complete engine failure. With no oil to prevent metal on metal friction, your engine parts can overheat, blow a gasket, or seize up. And if that happens, it is going to cost you a small fortune to replace the engine block.

Getting an oil change is one of the easiest, most affordable things you can do to keep your vehicle’s engine in mint condition. So, if you have been putting off topping your ride up with some fresh oil, don’t wait too much longer. Skipping out on oil changes can cause a host of serious engine issues that can cost you a ton of headaches and some hefty repair bills. 

Why put your engine at risk if you don’t have to? When you bring your vehicle to Great Canadian Oil Change in Langley, you can rest easy knowing you are getting quality products and great customer care. 


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What Are the Benefits of Routine Vehicle Maintenance in Langley? 

We all know how important regular oil changes are for your vehicle. But if you want to keep your ride running smoothly and avoid costly repair bills, routine car maintenance is a must. Thankfully, Great Canadian Oil Change offers a host of vehicle maintenance services in Langley. To maximize the life and performance of your vehicle, here are some preventative maintenance tasks you should stay on top of.   

Oil changes and other fluids

By now, you already know your vehicle needs regular oil changes. But did you know that there are a variety of other fluids to keep an eye on? If left unchecked for too long, low fluid levels can lead to compromised performance and engine problems. 

At Great Canadian Oil Change, we offer top quality fluid replacement services, checking and topping up power steering, radiator, coolant, transmission, wiper, and brake fluid.  

Tire checks

There’s a lot riding on your tires. Make sure you have them routinely inspected. Well-maintained tires will not only improve fuel efficiency, but also prevent skidding and hydroplaning. While you are having your tires checked, don’t forget the spare. 

Your tires are crucial in the safety and performance of your vehicle. Dropping by Great Canadian Oil Change in Langley for regular tire checks will ensure they are in tip-top shape. 


It can be easy to neglect your vehicle’s lights—but you shouldn’t. Poor functioning lights can be dangerous if you can’t see or be seen properly. Make sure to check your headlights, turn signals, brake lights, and reverse lights on a regular basis.

At Great Canadian Oil Change, we know how important your lights are to the safety of you and other drivers. That is why we check that all your lights are functioning correctly and are well-positioned. 

Serpentine belt

It might seem like a meager piece of rubber, but your vehicle’s serpentine belt plays a major role in your ride. This important belt helps power the alternator, power steering pump, and air conditioner compressor. 

Don’t wait until your belt breaks down to get it replaced. Our team at Great Canadian Oil Change will ensure your serpentine belt is working properly, helping to prevent costly damage down the road. 

New car air filter installed in LangleyAir filters

Air filters get dirty. And when they do, you’ll want to change them. Old, clogged filters can restrict air flow that can impact fuel consumption. So, make air filter checks a regular part of your car care routine.

Can’t remember the last time you had your air filters replaced? Bring your car into Great Canadian Oil Change in Langley. 

Sticking to a car maintenance schedule will go a long way to helping extend the life of your vehicle and avoid breakdowns and costly repairs. 

For comprehensive vehicle maintenance in Langley, drop on by Great Canadian Oil Change


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Oil Change Coupon Deals in Langley

Great Canadian Oil Change building in Langley

Looking for an oil change coupon deal in Langley? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Great Canadian Oil Change is your one-stop shop for fresh fluids under your hood. If you care at all about quality products, great service, and awesome money-saving coupons, drop on by Great Canadian Oil Change today. 

Get Regular Oil Changes

Your ride takes care of you—take care of it with some fresh lubricant. Getting regular oil changes will go a long way to boosting engine performance, improving engine life, and increasing gas mileage. 

Don’t wait too long to top up your engine with the good stuff. When you come into Great Canadian Oil Change in Langley for regular oil changes, you can rest easy knowing your engine is running smoothly. 

Save Big on Oil Changes in Langleyoil change langley, car wash langley bc, car wash langley, oil change

Who wouldn’t want to save on an oil change? Here at Great Canadian Oil Change in Langley, we have a ton of handy oil change coupons to help keep money in your pocket. 

Big savings on oil changes are just around the corner. When you bring your car into Great Canadian Oil Change, take advantage of the best and most up-to-date coupons anywhere. No appointments. No long wait times. No hassles. You can even enjoy free coffee and free WiFi while you wait.  


Benefit with Other Car Care Coupons

Sure, we’re all about oil changes at Great Canadian Oil Change—but there’s more to us than just fresh fluid. We also offer coupons for some of the awesome car care services our team provides. 

Whether your vehicle needs transmission services, headlight restorations, or radiator fluid replacement, we have a coupon for that. Simply print one out and bring it to Great Canadian Oil Change Langley to redeem it.  

Bring Your Car to GCOC In Langley For an Oil Change

At Great Canadian Oil Change, we only use the highest quality, warranty-approved products. And with our speedy technicians, along with our no-appointment-needed service, we can have you in and out in 10 minutes.  

Getting regular oil changes in Langley is a fast and affordable way to keep your engine in tip-top condition. To save even more money on your next oil change, check out all our amazing Great Canadian Oil Change coupons. Your wallet and your engine will thank you. 



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Why You Should Leave Your Oil Change in Langley To the Pros 

Getting an oil change in Langley at Great Canadian Oil Change

Is that little sticker in the corner of your windshield telling you it’s time for an oil change? If you’re thinking about taking on oil changes at home versus having it done at a shop, you might want to reconsider. Read on to learn why you should leave your oil change in Langley to the pros. 

Why you need an oil change in Langley

Getting regular oil changes is the single most important thing you can do for your car. Fresh oil boosts performance, improves gas mileage, lubricates the engine, prevents overheating, and reduces harmful emissions. 

So, if you’re overdue for an oil change, don’t put it off for too long. Letting it slide can result in some serious consequences, costing you major bills, repairs, and headaches down the road.

Oil changes are inconvenient

Think oil changes are quick and easy? Well, not if you’re not used to doing them on your own. There’s a lot that goes into changing your oil, from special tools and oil pans to the right oil and proper disposal of old oil and filters. 

Why waste time and money changing your own oil? At Great Canadian Oil Change, we can change your oil and have you on your way in only 10 minutes. 

Oil changes can be costly

When it comes to DIY oil changes, things can and do go wrong. People who lack the experience can strip oil drain plugs, neglect to remove the old rubber sealing gasket, and improperly install the oil filter. 

Getting your oil professionally changed with GCOC means never having to worry about amateur mistakes. When you bring your vehicle in to our shop, you can feel confident knowing you are in the best hands in the industry. Our team of trained specialists get it right the first time, saving you a bundle on repair and replacement bills. 

Oil changes are confusing

Ask any car owner, changing your oil can be a head scratcher. Do you know the type of oil your engine takes? How old is your engine? Are you using the right viscosity? If you don’t have the time and energy to figure out all the ins and outs of your vehicle’s oil needs, bring your ride to the professionals. 

Don’t know the right grade of oil to put into your vehicle? We do. Whether your ride requires conventional, high mileage, or full synthetic oil, we have all the top brands to meet your engine’s specific needs.

Why take on the hassles and headaches of oil changes when we can do it all for you? For quick drive-thru service—with no appointment necessary—drop by GCOC in Langley today!


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Changing Your Cabin Air Filter

Changing your cabin air filter is an important part of regular vehicle maintenance and one that can not only help improve the circulation and performance of your air conditioning system, but one that can also help improve the quality of air that is circulated through your car.

What is a Cabin Air Filter?
The cabin air filter is a high particulate filtration medium that is attached to the outside air intake of your vehicle’s ventilation system. This device helps to improve air quality and filter out pollution from the air that circulates inside the vehicle. Most air filters are made from a pleated paper construction, using a variety of different filtration media. Some are a cotton and paper blend, while others are basically extremely miniaturized paper filters similar to the air filter of your car’s intake system. There are some that are just a formed and shaped cotton filter in a cartridge.
The cabin air filter is sometimes confused with an internal combustion air filter. The internal combustion air filter is the filter under your hood that prevents particles from getting into the engine. A driver may encounter the internal combustion air filter as a service recommendation at an oil change shop. That’s because if the air filter gets clogged or otherwise compromised, it can affect engine performance.

It’s important to recognize the distinction between these two very different types of air filters. When buying cabin air filters, you’re looking for something that’s going to help improve the air that you will be breathing as a driver or passenger in the vehicle. It’s not so much part of the vehicle’s performance gear as a health and safety device. Drivers can consider buying “green air filters” that are more sustainable and include more attention to what the inhabitants of a vehicle will be breathing.

Where is the Cabin Air Filter Located?
The cabin air filter, or air conditioning filter, is located in different places in different cars. On some cars these are easy to locate, remove and change. On others, they are more difficult to remove and change. They will all be in the air conditioning/vent system after the fan. Most of these can be found just inside a small inspection door in the cabin side of the fan housing. On most cars this will be down by where the front seat passenger’s feet are located. This area is sometimes referred to as the foot well. Refer to your car’s manual for the exact location.


Is the AC Filter the Same as the Cabin Air Filter?
Yes. Some manufacturers call these filters AC filters (or air conditioning filters), while others call them cabin air filters. Either way, they are the same thing and they perform the same function of removing dust and other allergens from the air entering the passenger compartment.

Is Changing Your Cabin Air Filter Really Necessary?
A dirty cabin air filter can cause your air conditioner to run less efficiently, which will waste horsepower. It will also decrease the amount of air flow into the passenger compartment. Both of these conditions will result in higher temperatures in the passenger compartment and the air conditioner having to work harder than it really needs to. Changing the cabin air filter in your vehicle is not only important from a maintenance perspective, but also helps ensure the safety of the passengers in your vehicle. The cabin air filter is a very important part of your car’s ventilation system and removes many common pollutants from the air, thus protecting the passengers inside the vehicle.
Replacing Your Cabin Air Filter
Changing the cabin air filter is fairly easy to do if you follow this how-to guide. New vehicles usually come equipped with one or more cabin air filters. A cabin air filter provides fresh air through the passenger compartment side vents.

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