Oil Change Services

We offer top quality, comprehensive vehicle maintenance services.

Some of the Services We Provide:

  • Drive Thru Transmission Services
  • Drive Thru Radiator and Coolant Services
  • Drive Thru Differential and Transfer Case Service
  • Drive Thru Fuel Filters and Fuel system Service
  • Drive Thru Air and Cabin Filter Service
  • Drive Thru Power Steering and Serpentine Belt Service
  • Drive Thru Wiper Blades, Headlight and Marker Light Service
  • Drive Thru Car Wash and Wand Wash Bays

Oil Change Pricing

Conventional Oil
From $58.99

High Mileage/Semi-Synthetic:
From $72.99

Full Synthetic
From $98.99

High Performance Synthetic
From $119.99

All oil changes include up to 5L of oil, oil filter and 23 point inspection.

*Prices subject to change

We only use warranty approved products:

Warranty Approved Oil Change Products

Every Customer receives a full 23 point visual inspection:

  1. Air Filter
  2. Serpentine Belt
  3. Engine Coolant level
  4. Transaxle Fluid Levels
  5. Power Steering Fluid
  6. Windshield Washer Fluid
  7. Lights
  8. Differential Fluid level (front)
  9. Differential Fluid Level (rear)
  10. Brake Fluid
  11. Transmission Fluid
  12. Wiper Blades
  13. PCV Valve
  14. PCV Filter
  15. Check Fluid leaks
  16. Transfer Case Fluid level
  17. Axle boots
  18. U-Joints
  19. Exhaust
  20. Shocks
  21. Tires
  22. Battery Test
  23. Fuel Filter

We accept the following Fleet Cards:

Oil Change Langley Fleet Cards




Ford F-100 oil change in Langley

Great Canadian Oil Change building in Langley

Great Canadian Oil Change in Langley with classic Cadillac in front