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Fluid Change

Transmission fluid keeps your vehicle’s transmission lubricated and cool. Avoid expensive transmission replacements by having the fluid checked regularly and replaced when needed.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Change

Give your transmission a full makeover without breaking the bank. Great Canadian Oil Change offers an Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) service that replaces your vehicle’s old, dirty fluid. Traditional ATF changes only drain about 30% of fluid from your transmission, leaving a lot of old fluid mixed with new. This overhaul leaves your transmission as clean as when your vehicle was brand new.

For industrial-sized transmissions, look to the Industrial Tranny Flusher (ITF), designed by lube industry professionals. The ITF improves your automatic transmission fluid quality by up to 95% over conventional change methods for industrial sized transmissions. How? We completely flush the cooling circuit, valve body and torque converter.


Manual Transmission Fluid Change

In a manual transmission system, the extreme forces being exerted by the gears will break down the transmission oil over time. That leaves your transmission susceptible to rust, dirt and damage caused by overheated parts.

*Many auto manufacturers recommend replacing transmission fluids at regularly scheduled intervals. Check your owner’s manual for details.

Keeping your engine cool is vital to performance and your radiator fluid helps that cause.  Have it checked and replaced regularly.

How does radiator coolant work?

Your coolant contains a glycol based chemical, which stops water from freezing or boiling in regular and extreme temperatures. Coolant also contains rust, corrosion and foaming inhibitors. Over time, these inhibitors become less effective, exposing your vehicle to breakdowns and costly damages.

Out with the old. In with the new. A radiator flush removes all of the old coolant in the radiator, the engine, the hoses and the heater core. We then replace it with warranty-approved fluid (up to 15 L.), check for pesky leaks and test the radiator cap. Replacing the fluid helps protect against rust and corrosion, engine freeze-up and ensures your vehicle can operate at its most efficient temperature.

*Many auto manufacturers recommend replacing radiator fluids at regularly scheduled intervals. Check your owner’s manual for details.

Count on Great Canadian Oil Change to make a difference. We’ll check and change your vehicle’s differential fluid whenever it’s needed.

What is a differential?

It’s a gear box that takes the movement of the spinning driveshaft through a 90 degree angle to the axles that turn the drive wheels. It also allows each side of the axle to rotate at different speeds.

Why change the fluid? Over time, fluid inside the differential can get dirty, even burnt. That can be detrimental to your vehicle. Changing the fluid regularly will help reduce wear and prolong the life span of a differential.

*Many auto manufacturers recommend replacing differential fluids at regularly scheduled intervals. Check your owner’s manual for details.

Have a 4X4 or all-wheel drive vehicle? You may have a transfer case. Regular fluid replacement will keep you on- and off-roading.

What is a transfer case? This unit controls the flow of power to the front and rear drive axles when you shift back and forth between two-wheel and four-wheel drive.

Why replace the fluid? You’ll help extend the life of your transfer case by effectively reducing the wear and tear on the gears and parts inside.

*Many auto manufacturers recommend replacing transfer case fluids at regularly scheduled intervals. Check your owner’s manual for details.