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Maintenance Services

Engine Performance Enhancers keep your vehicle operating at its best. Need help figuring out what you need? That’s what we’re here for.

Engine additives available from Great Canadian Oil Change:

  • Oil Additives
  • Engine Stop Leak
  • Radiator Cleaner
  • Automatic Transmission Stop Leak and Conditioner
  • Valve Cleaner
  • Diesel Injector Cleaner
  • Fuel additives

Is your vehicle’s performance sluggish? Idling rough? Your fuel system may need cleaning. Let’s talk about your options.

Keeping your fuel components clean ensures a smooth running vehicle, eliminating hesitation, rough idling and sluggish performance. We can clean your:

  • Fuel injector
  • Air intake and emission systems

Plus, your fuel filter may need replacing.

*Many auto manufacturers recommend getting a fuel system cleaning at regularly scheduled intervals. Check your owner’s manual for details.

Streaks and smears on the windshield? In Canadian weather, it’s a common fact. Wipe away your inhibited vision with a quality blade replacement.

Mud from off-roading. Salt and sand from winter roads. Spring blossoms, and autumn leaves. In Canada, all types of materials rain down on us. As part of your car maintenance go-to, ensure you have quality functioning windshield wiper blades, and have us replace them regularly.

Mechanic changing serpentine fan belt

Keep components in your engine running well with a serpentine fan belt in good condition. Over time, it will wear and need replacement.

The serpentine fan belt keeps vital components operating well in your engine, including your:

  • Alternator
  • Water pump
  • Power steering unit
  • Air conditioner
  • Emission pump

These belts can wear and crack. They should be checked regularly for signs of deterioration and replaced immediately. Your Great Canadian Oil Change technicians can do this for you.