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Oil Change

We’ll help you determine what your vehicle needs most. Check you manufacturer’s recommended oil change interval.

  • Multi-Viscosity Conventional –  Our House Oil, Valvoline Daily Protection, offers a full line of premium conventional motor oils that are specially formulated. Multi-viscosity grade is ideal for varying climates (including Canada’s coldest climates). All Valvoline oils are formulated with advanced additive technology and premium base oils for high performance and an enhanced engine life.
  • Semi-Synthetic – Get the benefits of synthetic oil at a low price. Semi-synthetic oil is available from Valvoline (great for cold starts!).
  • Full Synthetic – Full synthetic oils offer the best protection against engine wear, cold temperature start-ups and high-revving, high-temperature engines.
  • Oil Filters – We use Valvoline Premium Filters  because they’re an industry standard and warranty-approved.
  • Engine Flush – If it’s been awhile since your last oil charge, it may be time for a flush. We’ll banish built-up sludge and grime from your engine in one quick step. Using a safe, specialty oil, we empty your crankcase, replace with the ‘Oil Flush’, let your car idle for 10 minutes to clean out every corner, drain the flush and replace with your choice of our premium oils.

When it comes to maintenance, we won’t miss a thing. That’s because with every oil change package, the 23-Point Inspection Service will spot any issues or maintenance needed.

What we check:

  1. Air Filter
  2. Serpentine Belt
  3. Engine Coolant level
  4. Transaxle Fluid Levels
  5. Power Steering Fluid
  6. Windshield Washer Fluid
  7. Lights
  8. Differential Fluid level (front)
  9. Differential Fluid Level (rear)
  10. Brake Fluid
  11. Transmission Fluid
  12. Wiper Blades
  13. PCV Valve
  14. PCV Filter
  15. Check Fluid leaks
  16. Transfer Case Fluid level
  17. Axle boots
  18. U-Joints
  19. Exhaust
  20. Shocks
  21. Tires
  22. Battery Test
  23. Fuel Filter