What happens if I don’t get an oil change?

Getting an oil change

You lead a busy life. Hectic schedules can eat up time, causing you to neglect oil changes. But if you skip them for too long, you can be making things tough on your engine—and possibly on your wallet. Our team at Great Canadian Oil Change in Langley wants to make sure your vehicle runs smoothly for years to come. Wondering what happens if you don’t get an oil change? Read on to find out! 

Drivin’ dirty

Motor oil gets dirty—that’s a given. As lubricant cycles through the engine, it collects dirt and debris that turns into a thick, dark, sludgy mess. Over time, the moving parts of your engine need to work harder to fight through grimy slop, impacting your vehicle’s performance. 

If you want to keep your car clean and in prime condition, the pros at Great Canadian Oil Change have the right products and knowhow for a sludge-free engine. 

Hot times on the horizon

Fresh, clean oil keeps your engine cool and running smoothly. Without oil, your engine will overheat—and that is when things can get ugly. Improperly lubricated engine parts can heat up quickly, resulting in faster wear and tear and even warping. 

Can’t remember the last time you had an oil change? Drop by Great Canadian Oil Change.  

Bye-bye, warranty

You have spent a lot of money purchasing that new car. Thank goodness you have a warranty in case something goes wrong, right? Well, if you fail to regularly top up your ride with oil according to factory specifications, you can kiss that guarantee goodbye. 

Don’t run the risk of a null and void warranty. Our oil technicians at Great Canadian Oil Change in Langley will keep your car humming along—and its warranty intact too.

The proud owner of a dead engine

Oil is the lifeblood of any engine. Drive long enough without lubricant, and you could wind up with complete engine failure. With no oil to prevent metal on metal friction, your engine parts can overheat, blow a gasket, or seize up. And if that happens, it is going to cost you a small fortune to replace the engine block.

Getting an oil change is one of the easiest, most affordable things you can do to keep your vehicle’s engine in mint condition. So, if you have been putting off topping your ride up with some fresh oil, don’t wait too much longer. Skipping out on oil changes can cause a host of serious engine issues that can cost you a ton of headaches and some hefty repair bills. 

Why put your engine at risk if you don’t have to? When you bring your vehicle to Great Canadian Oil Change in Langley, you can rest easy knowing you are getting quality products and great customer care.