Where Does Old Oil Go?

Old motor oil is some pretty foul stuff. It’s filthy, slimy, and worst of all, grimy grease can wreak havoc on the environment if it makes its way to the soil and water supply. At Great Canadian Oil Change in Langley, we take environmental concerns just as serious as our valued customers. That’s why we thought you might like to know where your old motor oil goes after it has been replaced. Read on to learn what happens to used motor oil when you bring your vehicle into our shop. 

Why you should get rid of used oil responsibly

Whether you are an oil change do-it-yourselfer or you let the pros handle it, it is vital that the old oil is recycled or disposed of properly. Over time, motor oil collects a host of harmful pollutants, including lead, cadmium, chromium, and dioxins. If the used motor oil is not disposed of properly, contaminants can leach into the soil and waterways, affecting plants, animals, fish, and humans. 

How is old oil recycled?Recycling oil in BC

Did you know that used oil never wears out? Motor oil just gets dirty, meaning it can be cleaned and reused, saving valuable resources and lowering the environmental impact. The cleaning process involves the removal of water, debris, and additives, turning used oil into high-quality lubricant.  

What happens to used motor oil that has been recycled?

Once the contaminants are removed, old motor oil can be re-refined and turned into new lubricant. It is also be used for a variety of heating applications as well as be processed into fuel oils. Even the scrap metals recovered from used oil filters can be recycled. Recycling old oil can go a long way to minimizing the damage to the environment. 

Where can I take used motor oil?

When it comes to responsibly getting rid of your old oil, choose a location that participates in the BC Used Oil Recycling program. You can bring it to a wide range of depots across the province, from garages and dealerships to retailers and oil change facilities. Just make sure to contact them first to ensure they can handle the amount of oil you plan to drop off. 

Old oil is extremely toxic stuff. Why toss it away with the rest of the household trash if you don’t have to? If you want to get rid of your old motor oil, do it the right way. The environment, your neighbourhood, and your conscience will thank you. 

At Great Canadian Oil Change, we take great pride in our eco-friendly practices. We ensure all the used oil from our oil changes gets properly recycled, helping to protect the community and minimize the impact on the environment.